Entries & Submissions

We open our online platform and welcome published & unpublished submissions, photographs or documentation of work in Papiamentu, English, Spanish and Dutch. All reviewed entries will be posted on this entries page of Uniarte.

The personal Storytelling Workshop by Oneika Russell

The proposal submitted to the Uniarte 6+ Open Call was to create a social engagement online using a project I had just created in July 2021 called ‘The Personal Storytelling Tool #1’. Social engagements are a new direction in my art practice developed during the lockdown period to create a more sustainable, impactful, authentic, collaborative […]

Collective Conjunctions by Samuel Sarmiento

In the Caribbean cosmogony, many fables and beliefs use metaphors to find a sense of purpose in order to solve a historical identity crisis, in a region with cultural gaps and diverse influences, which come as a consequence of colonialism. This short essay is a ‘portfolio’ about my process during 2 months of artistic creation […]

En Buska by Vesuhely Americaan

Vision board shortfilm Manchá INTRODUKSHON E blòg aki ta representá mi sketchbook habrí , kaminda mi ta kompartí mi skètsnan, tekstonan, investigashon, kòmbersashonnan i trabounan ku lo hiba mi na e shortfilm ku mi ke traha ,yamá ‘Manchá’ . Den e blòg aki lo mi krea un struktura pa mi mes i purba hasi sentido […]

Sign up for the Personal Storytelling Tool Workshop

The Personal Storytelling Tool Workshop is an online event to introduce a social engagement tool as well as building a practice with it.  The ‘tool’ here is a card deck which can be used for self-inquiry and self-discovery. The cards use imagery from the studio practice of Oneika Russell, Mafalda Mondestin, Ludgi Savon and Phillip […]