Sign up for the Personal Storytelling Tool Workshop

The Personal Storytelling Tool Workshop is an online event to introduce a social engagement tool as well as building a practice with it. 

The ‘tool’ here is a card deck which can be used for self-inquiry and self-discovery. The cards use imagery from the studio practice of Oneika Russell, Mafalda Mondestin, Ludgi Savon and Phillip Thomas. The images on the deck are a part of the process of creating a collaborative animated video installation titled ‘Voyage’.

In this workshop there will be:

  • Introduction to the artists and the film project
  • An introduction to the card deck
  • A practical exercise for the group
  • Dialogue on using it for you own purposes

This workshop has been made possible for the public through an arts grant received from Uniarte based in Curacao. The workshop will happen online and will be recorded and placed on the Uniarte website after completion in an edited format.

There are 25 spaces for participants to join.

For the workshop you will need to bring paper to write and draw on and/or a notepad and sketchbook.’

The workshop will allow an opportunity to do a practical exercise guided by myself.

Sat, November 20, 2021

5:00 PM – 6:30 PM CET

Jamaican time !!!!

Register for the workshop at the link here:

Youtube Link: Personal Storytelling Tool #1 – An exercise