Entries & Submissions

We open our online platform and welcome published & unpublished submissions, photographs or documentation of work in Papiamentu, English, Spanish and Dutch. All reviewed entries will be posted on this entries page of Uniarte.

Newsletter May 2022

The exciting news never stops! Uniarte is a platform by and for artists and we are excited to say that we managed another year to work with several individuals from different islands within the region. Consists of 2 parts: 1 – Online Expo 2 – Stimulá EXPO is an online residency that will work towards developing an […]

Newsletter March 2022

March is spring time and spring has sprung. We have exciting news to share with you Uniarte Online Residency has been extended for another week and we are now open for all Caribbean artists from different disciplines to apply and explore this year’s main theme: ‘In search of what is not one’s own is a constant […]