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Uniarte is a platform by and for artists and we are excited to say that we managed another year to work with several individuals from different islands within the region.

Consists of 2 parts:

1 – Online Expo

2 – Stimulá

EXPO is an online residency that will work towards developing an online exhibition.

11 artists have been selected to expand & develop their artistic & professional practice together with Yina Jiménez Suriel.  The artists participating in the online residency were welcomed on the 21st of April. For the first meeting everyone introduced themselves, spoke about their practice and what their main themes of exploration are. Like this everyone could get an overarching view of the similarities and differences between them and Yina could prepare relevant reference for each artists. The session was closed with each artists sharing the materials they are currently involved with and Yina explaining the reading materials for the next meeting. 

Founder Sharelly Emanuelson hopes that these sessions will contribute to their growth and knowledge production. She wishes them the time to reflect, ask new questions, write, and create according to their independent practice.

Yina Jiménez Suriel, curator, and researcher with a master’s degree specializing in visual studies. She is the Associate Editor of Contemporary And (C&) magazine for Latin America and the Caribbean. Curator at large of the Caribbean Art Initiative. She co-curated with the artist Pablo Guardiola the exhibition one month after being known in that island in Basel. She has written for exhibition catalogs for the San Luis Obispo Museum and the Denver Art Museum and has written about contemporary art and visual culture in publications such as Foam Magazine, Terremoto, Contemporary And, Revista de Arte de la UNAM, Arquitexto, among others.

Here is a screenshot of our first session. The participants for this year’s online expo are: 

Ailsa Anastatia – Curaçao
Jeanelij Quandt – Aruba
Melissa Bonilla – República Dominicana 
Natusha Croes – Aruba
Raily Yance – Curaçao
Ruben Cabenda – Suriname 
Samuel Sarmiento – Aruba 
Velvet Zoé Ramos – Aruba 
Vesuhely Americaan – Curaçao 
Yéssica Montero – República Dominicana 
Yoel Bordas – República Dominicana

STIMULÁ is an open call for freelance professionals and individuals based in the Caribbean working in small organisations or with organisational skills outside the cultural field with an interest to facilitate artists in different disciplines. 
STIMULÁ will be a series of 8 online weekly workshops/coaching sessions provided by different professionals from different disciplines. A great opportunity to propel one’s professional career in the business aspect of an artists and its discipline (literature, performing arts, visual arts, interdisciplinary arts, film). For more information and the application form visit our website via > this link.
This open call runs until the 25th of May 2022!
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We are happy to announce that the coach of the STIMULÁ program will be writer, curator, and cultural producer Sasha Dees. She will give workshops on project management, funding, and proposal writing, and invites professionals in the creative industry to give guest lectures. Sasha Dees is the founding director of SDPM an Amsterdam based Production and Management Company for all disciplines. Her focus is on interdisciplinary, innovation, inclusive and international. She started out touring with musicians in 1998 and since she has produced and programmed performing arts and film, curated multiple exhibitions and writes about the arts resulting in her publication Entangled Species Conversations on Contemporary Art in the Caribbean (dec. 2021). 

Uniarte executes its projects thanks to the voluntary support of Uniarte’s friends and the financial support of private donations and of funding institutions. This years program is possible thanks to Stichting Doen, Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie and Prins Bernards Caribisch gebied.

In the beginning Uniarte executed projects without funding but with the help of volunteers. With the proper focus and patience throughout  the years we had to learn how write project proposals at least 2 years in advance. If you would like to start your own project proposal journey, know that it will not be easy but consider it as a rewarding learning process. If you have any question regarding this topic not hesitate to visit the website and e-mail each one of these funders about their offered funding opportunities.

Alejandra Cijntje

Born and raised in Curaçao, Alejandra is an audio-visual storyteller, namely focused on painting, writing and short visuals  that gets her inspiration from exploring the noting of ‘feeling and expressing the subconscious’. After the completion of her BA in Communication and 4 additional years of living in The Netherlands, Alejandra came back to her homeland to contribute in the field of arts and culture. She manages our social media for us, from SM content to creating the newsletters Alejandra is also doing the communication for Teatro Aula Habaai.
During her free time part-takes in the writers collective Carrying Narrative, based in Curaçao. 

Carla Garcia 

Carla Garcia (b. 1997, Venezuela) is a visual brand developer, art director, and (digital) visual artist based in Aruba. She specializes in the conceptualisation and development of visual expressions combining media such as graphic design, illustration, photography, video, and collage. 

Garcia was the co-founder of the first visual brand agency in Aruba in 2019 and has worked in the past with brands such as Pepsi, L’oreal, Stampwallet, and Giannis Group. Lately, her focus has been on collaborating with cultural and artistic projects, visual artists, and not-for-profit organisations that align with her personal ideals such as gender equality, and human and LGBTQ rights.

Garcia was in charge of the rebranding of Uniarte in 2021, where she incorporated the maximalist influences of the Caribbean visual identity, its architecture, and abstractions.

Uniarte is also helping with the restoration of Teatro AULA HABAAI, Curaçao, which is currently the only theater on the island. Through the initiative of Cura Doet, we can grasps this monumental opportunity to contribute with literally a helping hand! This way performing arts can take place in a theatre. During Cura Doet we want to aim towards the restoration of the walls, the stage floor and giving the walls a fresh set of paint. 
Teatro AULA HABAAI is the house for Teatro Kadaken and a platform for organisations and performance artists. A preciosity that is here to support the infrastructure and expand the visibility of art.

Curaçao Cares is a platform that connects volunteers, companies and social organisations to stimulate social involvement and social cohesion in Curaçao. The organisation is continuously committed to broadening, strengthening and promoting volunteer work in Curaçao.

To volunteer at Cura Doet for Teatro AULA HABAAI go to this link to register

From our previous Open Call All 7 chosen artists submitted an art proposal and delivered either a reflection of their process or a result. These bodies of work have been published in our blog and we invite you to prepare your cup of coffee or tea and dive deep through the variety of expressions.

This month we shed light on the value and importance of community, collaborations, support, hard work and continuation! Keep the synergy flowing and keep creating  Until next month!


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