Network Highlights

Charissa Granger is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Leading Fellow postdoctoral researcher at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands. Charissa’s research focus is on how Caribbean and Afro-diasporic music-making practices generate knowledge, concentrating on music’s relationship to postcolonial experiences and decolonial practices.

Ateliers '89

Elvis Lopez Art’s gentle giant Everyday, the tall, imposing figure of Elvis Lopez is seen hurrying through the maze of studios, exhibition halls and offices at Ateliers ‘89, a quiet mecca for the arts housed in a rambling old turn-of-the-century school in the suburbs of downtown Oranjestad.

December Newsletter

We are coming near to the end of the year 2022, and with that comes an abundant insightful  interesting end year gift for you. Introdukshon

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