We are coming near to the end of the year 2022, and with that comes an abundant insightful  interesting end year gift for you.

Introdukshon “Agente di Luz” Presentá pa Jeanne Henriquez

Agente di Luz is a course of the fundashon Tula museum presented by Jeanne Henriquez. Participants can learn about the history of Curaçao.  One of the intentions of this course is to stimulate curiosity within people to learn more about the island’s history. The other intention is to encourage the exchange of information with a broader public.  The course consists of 3 parts, for the general public, the artists and the lover of the arts.  Click on the video or links below to go to the course!

Introductie Historisch Onderzoek Doen’, Dr. Margo Groenewoud

Excited to make the information as accessible as we can, we’ve added English subtitles to this online classroom!

Dr. Margo Groenewoud equips the student with practical skills for constructing mindmaps, accessing digital archives, and the principles of academic writing, guiding them throughout the entire investigative process. Ultimately, Groenewoud delivers a comprehensible guide and fresh perspective on the great undertaking of historical research.

Kiko ta Kultura? Presentá pa Prof. Dr. Rose Mary Allen

In ‘Online Uniarte Classroom: Kiko ta Kultura?’ you may join Dr. Rose Mary Allen as she provides a comprehensive introduction to art and culture in the Curaçaoan context. Her research draws heavily from oral histories, one of the diverse methods of investigation Allen discusses in the seminar and a critical tool for understanding Curaçao’s history of voluntary and forced migration. Once Allen lays the groundwork for a complex understanding of art and culture, she dives into its intrinsically dynamic nature, challenging the viewer to understand culture holistically and build upon the efforts of key historical figures such as Elis Juliana and Papa Brenneker to democratize access to cultural knowledge. The pursuit of this knowledge, Allen argues, is a collective responsibility, and in it lies the tools for emancipation.

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