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Kiko ta Kultura? by Prof. Dr. Rose Mary Allen

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In ‘Online Uniarte Classroom: Kiko ta Kultura?’, join Dr. Rose Mary Allen as she provides a comprehensive introduction to art and culture in the Curaçaoan context. Allen, cultural anthropologist and graduate of the Catholic University of Nijmegen and Utrecht University, has extensive experience in the field of cultural analysis as former Assistant Director of the National Archaeological Anthropological Museum (NAAM) and lecturer at the University of Curaçao. Her research draws heavily from oral histories, one of the diverse methods of investigation Allen discusses in the seminar and a critical tool to understanding Curacao’s history of voluntary and forced migration.
Once Allen lays the groundwork for a complex understanding of art and culture, she dives into its intrinsically dynamic nature, challenging the viewer to understand culture holistically and build upon the efforts of key historical figures such as Elis Juliana and Papa Brenneker to democratize access to cultural knowledge. The pursuit of this knowledge, Allen argues, is a collective responsibility, and in it lies the tools for emancipation.

Sneak Peek (for social media and promotional material):
What does agriculture have to do with paintings in a museum?
Do we still distinguish between ‘high culture’ and ‘low culture’ in Curaçao?
Why do anthropologists care about the conversations taking place at snéks?
To find out the answers to these and more fascinating questions about art and culture, watch ‘Online Uniarte Classroom: Kiko ta Kultura?’ with Dr. Rose Mary Allen.