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Introductie Historisch Onderzoek Doen door Dr. Margo Groenewoud

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In ‘Online Uniarte Classroom: Introductie Historisch Onderzoek Doen’, Dr. Margo Groenewoud, historian, lecturer and published author, as well as former Head of Library and Research Services at the University of Curaçao, delves into the various research methods employed by historians. She begins by defining historical research and discussing the importance of reclaiming history within the Caribbean context. Referencing postcolonial texts such as Capitalism and Slavery by Eric Williams and events such as 30 di Mei, Groenewoud illustrates how modern narratives are all constructed from historical research, and how methods and perspectives on historical analysis have metamorphized throughout time. She equips the student with practical skills for constructing mindmaps, accessing digital archives, and the principles of academic writing, guiding them throughout the entire investigative process. Ultimately, Groenewoud delivers a comprehensible guide and fresh perspective on the great undertaking of historical research.


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How do historians use Google differently?

What does Marxism have to do with museums in Curaçao?

What makes an interview ethical or unethical?To find out the answers to these and more fascinating questions about historical research, watch ‘Online Uniarte Classroom: Introductie Historisch Onderzoek Doen’ with Margo Groenewoud.