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The more support we receive the greater, more sustainable and accessible our content & programming becomes for the present and future generations.

From this place we would like to thank our main sponsors and partners very much for their continued support and collaboration.

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Solidarity partners of Uniarte, exchange relevant information among each-other on their projects and experience. When being a solidarity partner of Uniarte we can co-promote and share activities with our network and each parties available network. Also being a partner of Uniarte opportunities to collaborate on temporal or recurring projects becomes much easier. 


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Ateliers ’89 Academia di Bellas Artes Aruba is an active non-profit organization set up with the purpose of introducing Arubans and especially Aruban youth to Contemporary Art!

They are able to do this by means of a wide range of projects and activities. Their most prolific means is by organizing educational workshops presented and instructed by highly qualified mentors. Their workshops engage the many elements of Contemporary Art and a workshop usually takes place over a four week period. Each of Their completed workshops, are then presented either as an exhibition or as a closing event and are always open to the public.

Teatro KadaKen is a theatre initiative of actress Norma Cova and theatre maker/actor Albert Schoobaar, and is under the business and production direction of Lou Nisbet.

Teatro KadaKen aims to develop socially engaged theatre of high artistic quality for young and old. The performances of Teatro KadaKen focus on current social themes in contemporary society. Themes with great urgency for the society of Curaçao.