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Dear friends of the arts,

We live in uncertain times and face unprecedented challenges, but the arts has always encountered ways to manage destabilizing shifts & challenges.

Uniarte is also still standing, bundling forces and working hard to make our network, experience and projects as accessible as possible for everyone. This happens on our online platform next to our projects on location.


Uniarte brings you content & programming that stimulate thinking, stimulate public debate and lead to new insights.

We work behind the scenes to provide multimedia content & programming that is unique and takes a lot of research and time.

Often against the current, but always with boundless curiosity.

Thanks to Uniarte firends, there is room for our ambitions and we are able to do more than is possible with subsidy alone.

The more support we receive the more sustainable and accessible our content & programming becomes for the present and future generations.


Curious as to what we spend the financial support on?  

By becoming a friend of Uniarte, you will be supporting our projects & programming online and on site locations. Examples to mention are Overhead cost, Fees for submission entries and other staff and material costs.

From a place of gratitude we would like to thank the supporters, sponsors, partners and friends we had till now.  We need it more than ever.

Keep enjoying our efforts and if you are not  receiving our newsletter yes please sign up for our free newsletters HERE and if you would like to support and become one of the Uniarte friend send us an email at!

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