UNIARTE mission is to provide a structural contribution to the visibility, development, growth and existence of emerging professional artists, mid-career and established artists to increase public involvement in contemporary art in the Caribbean through art & culture related projects, content and programming.

UNIARTE foundation focuses on creating a platform where process, multidisciplinary works and research by emerging artists, mid-career and established artists can meet together with works of academic scholars, the general public and the local community so they can interact with each other.

Through its network, UniArte brings reflection & awareness about Caribbean history, art & culture to generate conversation. The foundation also brings new and often under-represented but relevant art forms and movements to the attention of the community. this in order to encourage and bring advantages for the overall artistic development of artists in Curacao, the Caribbean region and artists in the international art world.


An artist needs space, a safe space, a “room of one’s own”, a supportive environment to explore, to process, to work, to breathe, to create.Free from judgment, yet open to constructive critique. A space that embraces and understands development through chaos and potential.

Art is a process with ebbs and flows. The development of the artist consists of exploring, failing, succeeding, innovating. The artist needs to be able to face any situation or artwork with an honest and daring approach, regardless of public opinion.

An artist needs a space to display their work, accessible to the general public. A chance to meet and interact with their audience. Room for discussion about art in general and the artist’s own work in particular. A space where artistic collaboration can lead to creative explosions, and can have transformative effects. We firmly believe in collaboration between and within all art disciplines.