“Campos Petroleros” (tennis) 15x20cm, oleo/papel, (2017)


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“Campos Petroleros” is a series of studies, where Raily Stiven Yance tries to approach the sports landscape as a place of training and entertainment with political intention, which is universally manifested since ancient times. This series contains drawings with tennis courts, soccer fields, athletic tracks, baseball fields and Australian soccer fields. “Campos Petroleros” (“Oil Fields”) is an open series, where the artist continues to explore the diverse contexts.

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**This is only the painting ! Frame and passepartout karton not included!

Raily Stiven Yance (1989) graduated with a degree in Visual Arts from the University of Zulia and has been developing his artistic career since 2010, participating in various individual and collaborative projects in Venezuela and abroad. Yance was awarded the Regional Prize at the XII Salon of Youth Artists from Zulia (2016), The Youth Prize with FIA at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Zulia (2016), among others. In 2016 he created the independent artist space Consul Toria-Rota in a room in his residence in Maracaibo. His work, explores In 2018 the artist was part of Caribbean Linked, a residency program for artists from the Caribbean in Aruba. That same year he exhibited his individual work in the Abra Gallery in Caracas and the Contemporary Art Museum of Zulia. He also participated in the Canibal Residency in Barranquilla, Colombia and at Uniarte. In 2019, Yance realized various artistic productions in Bucaramanga, Colombia (2019). His work explores the broken ontologies of objects that surround us and the implicated social conventions they carry. In his most recent work he studies objects from Curaçao, where he currently resides, in the form of drawings and paintings.

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Dimensions 20 × 15 cm


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