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Mi no tin Palabra/No Words Available

Mi no tin Palabra/No Words Available

Alydia Wever (b. 1974, Aruba) is a multidisciplinary artist currently living and working in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Wever’s oeuvre, which spans over a decade, focuses on the body as a vessel for expression, on questions around our understanding of cultural heritage, social, anthropological, community, and identity.

Using Wever’s deeply personal experiences, Mi no tin Palabra/No Words Available is an invitation to go deeper and question how we value our ‘homes’. A home is not, only a space, place, or a shelter that nurtures and protects us. Homes are also found in the people, manners, traditions, motivations, and beliefs that shape this human necessity. Her installation Hold Me Tight (2021) is a tribute to Wever’s family home at Ayo, her ancestors, the people that are her support system, and the memories that have

impacted her artistic practice. Obligation (2021) is a reflection of the social, cultural, and ecological sacrifices that are the result of our financial dependency on tourism. Her Majesty Money (2021) and Mourning (2021) encourage dialogue around the moral commitments we have with each other as a community and how we deal with social issues such as abuse, macho culture, and financial instability.

Mi no tin Palabra/No Words Available is a result of Wever’s artistic research funded by Mondriaan Fund, Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds Caribisch Gebied, Stichting Rancho, SETAR N.V, PRINTSHOP. This research is a self-reflective exercise exploring the artist’s cultural roots, how we define ourselves, and our communities, and how our beliefs determine our behaviors. Text by Ana Maria Hernandez, Art Historian and Independent Curator

Uniarte has made an Open Call in 2021 called Uniarte 6+ to all creatives in the Caribbean to introduce the selected artist and their art to the world. All chosen artists submitted an art proposal and delivered either an inside of their process or a result. The work will be published in January 2022 on Uniarte’s online platform and social media.

The artist Nelson Gonzalez did a  residency at Uniarte in 2020 and made a video work to open the Uniarte 6 + open call results.

The chosen artists of the open call are for 2021 are:

Alydia Wever (Aruba)

Ailsa Anastatia (Curacao)

Oneika Russell (Jamaica)

Samuel Sarmiento (Venezuela/Aruba)

Gabrielle Moore (Barbados)

Vesuhely Americana (Curacao)

Lysanne Charles (Saba/Sint Maarten)

The purpose of this Open Call is to give all new, experienced, or established artists the opportunity to make use of an international platform and create space in which the artist can experiment. It also emphasizes talent development and can reach a larger audience that is not familiar with Caribbean artists.

Uniarte is a non-profit organization that organizes projects and meetings and stimulates artistic development and public interaction. In addition to sharing contemporary art, Uniarte plays a role in activating conversations about the Caribbean and its context.

Are you interested in seeing the results of the Open call? Visit our website in January 2022 www.uniarte.org or our Facebook (Uniarte).

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