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Exhibition ‘Impressions’ by artist-in-residency Kristin McIver

Saturday, 1. February 2020

Our first artist-in-residency of 2020 is kicked-off with the New-York based visual artist Kristin McIver.
She will show an video installation called: IMPRESSIONS

This series of video sculptures, developed in New York and Curacao (courtesy of UniArte), examine the relationship between water, with its endless, rhythmic forms, and the infinite flow of data and knowledge, as we navigate the information age.

In the past, water has connected cultures, but it has also divided them. Today, despite access to a limitless flow of information, we are increasingly polarized, due to algorithmic manipulation of the information we consume. Social media participants effectively live on information islands, with each participant viewing a different version of the truth via their smartphones – all the while consumed more with what appears on screen, than the ‘real’ world around them.

Impressions are minimalist video sculptures, shot in Curacao on smartphone, which highlight this new form of fragmented knowledge and multiple truths, through the visual representation of moving water in multiple forms. Confined within isolated sculptures, the videos present multiple views of the same subject, abstract impressions of the natural world, in short-form video loops.

Water, which naturally moves freely, is contained, isolated and its embedded data source revealed.

Come and see her work at the opening on Saturday starting at 4pm.

More info about Kristin McIver
Contemporary Visual Artist |
Digital Marketing Consultant |
Telephone +1 (718) 223 3473

  • Type: Exhibition
  • Time: 1. February 2020 - 16:00 - 20:00
  • Venue:Curaçao