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Artist Talk: Alydia Wever

Saturday, 16. November 2019

Alydia Wever is a contemporary artist from Aruba. Trained in Musical Theater and Dance at the Boston Conservatory and The Alvin Ailey School in New York City, she is known for multidisciplinary work (dance/theater/film), installations and performance art. Her work is presented in the Caribbean, USA, Brazil and Europe. Her installation “Peña Saca” is part of the permanent collection of The Community Museum in Aruba and the project “Anthropical” presented in the 13th Biennale of Havana in April this year. Wever’s work explores the fundamental questions in Aruban and Caribbean societies: “Identity and self-realization”, “Multiculturalism and creolization”, “A woman in a man’s world”. Her concepts and themes are inspired by biographical (Muhe Frida, 2011) or autobiographical (Energia Interno, 2003; One in Soul, 2008 and Anthropical, 2019) and are intuitive, improvisational and experimental. In the works she makes a connection between the (problematized) inner and outer world: between her soul and her actual life, between freedom and ambivalence, between nature and culture, between being who she really is or becoming what society wants her to be.

  • Type: Artist Talk
  • Time: 16. November 2019 - 19:30 - 20:00
  • Venue:Carthagenastraat 18